Alma Duo

Restore sexual performance and boost your bedroom experience.

A Real Solution to a Better Sex Life

Erectile dysfunction is the most common sexual challenge for men, just as sexual arousal is for women. Imagine being excited as you head to the bedroom with your partner, feeling confident in your sexual performance. 

The Alma Duo is a cutting-edge technological solution to sexual wellness that is revolutionizing both men's and women’s bedroom experiences, helping them achieve the satisfaction they desire. 

What Is Alma Duo?

The Alma Duo is a technological device used to treat sexual wellness conditions. The tech behind the device uses low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy (LI-ESWT), focusing those shock waves on key body areas to promote blood flow to the sexual organs.


Utilizing advanced acoustics technology, low-intensity shockwaves (LI-ESWT) are generated and applied to the skin, penetrating deep into the tissue and triggering mechanical stress. This prompts the body's natural wound healing capabilities, which creates an influx of blood to the affected area resulting in neovascularization. LI-ESWT is the gold standard in modern shock wave technology.

Why This Tech Works for ED

Blood flow constriction or damaged nerves in a male’s sexual organs is the cause of ED. Alma Duo causes blood flow in the sexual organs to increase, reversing age-related effects on vascular function and restoring sexual performance and sensation in men. This offers men long-lasting relief from ED compared to pills or penile injections.

No More ED Frustration. Only Long-Lasting Pleasure.

Prescription ED medication and penile injections are outdated ways to treat men’s sexual performance issues. Not to mention vacuum devices that feel awkward to use. Pills can take up to one hour to kick in, and you may not have a pill ready when the mood strikes. Weekly injections can feel uncomfortable or even painful. The Alma Duo removes the need for pills, injections, and vacuum devices entirely.

What to Expect at DAO

You’ll undergo a series of six treatments — each 15 minutes long — over the course of three weeks. Treatment is 100% non-invasive, with no needles involved or pain experienced. 

We’ll place the Alma Duo device against your skin in the appropriate area and let it do the work, carefully administering the right level of acoustic shock waves. 

There is zero downtime post-treatment, and you’ll walk away feeling comfortable and confident. Once you’ve completed all six sessions, you’ll restore your sexual performance for up to one year!

    • No Side Effects
    • No Needles 
    • No Pain
    • No Post-Treatment Downtime
    • No Follow-Up Medication
    • No More ED Pills

Is the Alma Duo Right for Me?

You may be an ideal candidate for sexual wellness treatment using the Alma Duo if you experience sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, trouble getting or staying aroused, or any similar sexual challenge. 

Ladies, yes, the Alma Duo works for you too!

Solve Sexual Performance Issues With Alma Duo

Experience a revolution in your sexual performance with the Alma Duo. Quick, easy, and non-invasive, the Ama Duo helps you last longer and enjoy more intense pleasure. This cutting-edge technology offers superior results you won't get with other methods. Try it and see for yourself by scheduling an appointment today at DAO.