Alma TED™ Hair Loss Treatments in Oxford, MS

Fight hair loss and support your scalp health.

Alma TED™ Treats Hair Loss

Millions of men and women struggle with hair loss in the U.S. If you’re like most, you’re frustrated with trying to find a permanent solution to preventing shedding and triggering new, healthy hair growth. There is a solution.

Alma TED™ hair restoration at DAO enables men and women to experience a permanent fuller, healthier head of hair in as little as three treatments.

What Is Alma TED™?

Alma TED™ is an advanced treatment — categorized as a class one medical device — that delivers powerful, precise and safe treatments for hair restoration. The proprietary technology is patented with Alma’s Impact Delivery™, which means treatment is non-invasive and non-traumatic to the scalp.

A Revolutionary Device

While it may appear like a regular handheld device, the handpiece on Alma TED™ is entirely unique. The tip of the device (placed on the scalp) is patented and engineered with medically revolutionary technology that creates a “pushback” effect using air pressure, increasing the effectiveness of the topical medication used during treatment with the handpiece.

Plus, a Revolutionary Hair Formula

The TED+ Hair Care Formula is a key part of the process. World-renowned pharmaceutical research labs developed the formula using ingredients that support optimal hair growth, scalp health, and hair follicle strength. It goes on the scalp during treatment and seeps deep into the skin, improving the hair’s appearance and volume.

How It Works

This device’s innovative process uses acoustic sound waves and air pressure to deliver specifically formulated medications (e.g., the TED+ Hair Care Formula) past the skin's protective layer and into the dermis layer.
These acoustic sound waves create gaseous bubbles that lightly expand the skin’s lipid bilayer. This expansion allows your skin to deeply absorb hair growth medication, all the while improving blood flow.

The device precisely calibrates the depth of sound wave skin penetration to ensure the maximum amount of medications can be absorbed for the most effective results.

    • No Pain
    • No Scalp Trauma 
    • No Discomfort 
    • No Topical Anesthetic 
    • No Post-Treatment Shedding
    • No Needles or Invasive Procedures

Clinically Validated in Over 20 Studies

Over 20 published research studies have clinically demonstrated the safety and efficacy of this powerful medical-grade treatment. These same studies reveal that patients who underwent treatment using Alma TED™ saw a 20-60% increase in hair growth.

Is Alma TED™ Right for Me?

You are an ideal candidate for Alma TED™ hair restoration if you experience hair loss, hair thinning, excessive hair shedding, pattern baldness, and non-scarring alopecia.

Beyond the scalp, this device can also be performed on the eyebrows and beard area to target brow and facial hair growth if desired.

Gain Healthier Hair With Alma TED™

Achieve a healthier head of hair full of luster, shine, strength, and growth. Contact our professional team of dermatologists to schedule your consultation and see if the Alma TED™ hair restoration is right for you.